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What Should We Do If The Engine Of Excavator Heats Up Continuously During Work
- Jul 31, 2018 -

  Summer is an important season for excavator rental work, it brings lots of construction projects, on the other hand, there is also an hard problem-engine heats up.


 Location of water pump

    The water pump is installed in the front of the cylinder, and the water is discharged from the pump by the rotation of the inner impeller, there is a breathing hole on the pump, to ensure the water seal sealed normally,

and the pump bearing lubricated normally, to maintain a long service life.

6206-61-1100 water pump_副本.jpg

    The fonction of water pump:

The engine of pump drives the pump bearing and the impeller to rotate through the belt wheel, The cooling fluid in the pump is driven by the impeller to rotate together, Under the action of centrifugal force, it is thrown to the edge of the pump housing, which generates certain pressure and then flows out of the oulet channel or water pump.


The fault of water pump:

Hot air is not hot.

      After the engine water temperature in the winters comes up, the hot air can't blow out. This fault is the most easily overlooked fault caused by the poor cooling water flow.


Engine water temperature is unstable.


The engine temperature fluctuates within a certain range, the reason is lack of water circulation and inconsistency. on the other hand, the open temparature of the thermostat rises. After he high temperature water flows out, the low temperature antireeze quickly flows to the thermostat to make the temparature.  The unit is quickly shut down and the pump is checked for malfuction.


Engine heats up


The cooling water is reduced, the circulation is not smooth, and the engine is not. If there is such a phenomenon, the pump should be inspected because the pump has been damaged seriously, including water leakage, which may be only a slight leak. Due to the high temperature of the engine, The coolant will immediately ebaporate and become  undetectable, causing the cooling water to decrese daily.

Many times, when encounteting high temperature faults in the engine, most excavators masters will think of checking radiators, water tanks, thermostats, etc. Of course, this is also the reason  why the engine water temperatures is high in the excavator rental work, but more often, every one will ingor the inspection of water pump.

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