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Trend Analysis Of Mining Machinery And Equipment Industry
- Feb 07, 2018 -

It is reported that China's coal industry "Eleven-Five" during the new coal mine scale of 300 million tons, it will adjust the industrial structure, vigorously integrate, transform the existing coal mines, close the small coal mines, eliminate the backward production capacity, accelerate the construction of large coal bases and modernized large coal mines, which provides a good opportunity for the development of mining machinery and equipment enterprises in our country. Opportunity is the challenge, how to seize the opportunity is China's mining machinery and equipment industry to the mining machinery and equipment enterprises. To this we should understand the mining machinery equipment industry faces four development trends.

1. The integration of mechanical manufacturing technology in many areas of mechanical roll crusher manufacturing, electronic control and software technology have become as important as mechanical engineering.

2. Mechanical Manufacturing Service thinking in various fields from elevators to factory equipment, the increase in profits of manufacturers is no longer due to the production of fixed specifications, but requires manufacturers to produce products according to user requirements to meet the user's jaw broken price personalized special needs.

3. The product development of the global product development enterprise of the machinery manufacturing industry is not in the closed doors, but in the open public platform and social resources.

4. Update production strategy for machinery manufacturing industry in a number of industries, including printing machinery, the machinery factory uses the idea of the automobile industry to put different products into different markets on the same basic engineering structure, then modify the design later in the manufacturing process, so that the product can adapt to the needs of specific customer groups.