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The Common Weakness Of Komatsu Excavators Is Divided Into: Powerlessness Of The Vehicle, Weakness Of Walking, Weakness Of Rotation, Weakness Of The Arms And Arms, And Weakness Of The Bucket
- Sep 29, 2018 -

The vehicle is slow and weak:

1. The hydraulic pump output is insufficient, and the service diagnostic system can be tested for relevant pressure.

2. Insufficient pilot pressure causes insufficient pressure on the open spool, resulting in insufficient flow and slow operation.

3. The hydraulic return oil filter and the oil filter are blocked.

Walking weakness:

1. If the hydraulic pump and its control system are faulty, it is necessary to test whether the P1 and P2 pump pressures are within the normal range.

2. The pilot line pressure is abnormal.

3. The valve core and valve seat of the travel system control valve are worn.

4. The pressure of the traveling motor is abnormal.

5, the travel port relief valve spool is blocked, the valve core is issued.

Rotation is weak:

1. Circuit reason: Check whether the relevant circuit such as the rotation sensor is loose, and the voltage resistance value of each joint.

2. Hydraulic reasons: the internal components of the rotary pump of the excavator are worn, the wearer of the excavator is worn, the control valve of the hydraulic pump is broken, the pressure of the left and right rotation of the excavator is high or low, the internal pressure of the rotary pump is released, and the rotary motor of the excavator is sealed. Failure, poor sealing, oil drain, improper adjustment of overflow, and overload of the swing motor.

Lifting/armless force:

1. The large/small arm oil circuit is blocked, the oil supply is not smooth; the hydraulic pump suction port filter is blocked, and the oil pump does not suck oil.

2. The inner/cylinder cylinder is vented.

3, the big / small arm spool is issued, resulting in poor oil flow.

4. The overflow valve has a blockage.

Bucket telescopic weakness:

1. The valve core of the stick oil on the multi-way valve is worn.

2. The bucket cylinder assembly is worn/damaged.

3. The bucket valve spool is stuck/weared.

4, bucket regenerative circuit valve, check valve return spring elastic is too weak