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Present Situation Of Mining Machinery Industry
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Mining Machinery is a professional engaged in the production of various mining machinery and mineral machinery industry, however, because of economic development and consumption of increased demand and considerable profits have brought many enterprises into the industry. However, the increase in business is that the target customer market is dispersed and the profit margins are shrinking, so that producers often mimic production based on the original mechanical equipment on the market, rather than innovate technology and upgrade technology content. The emergence of a new product in the market was quickly imitated and copied, with a large influx of foreign products and competitive pressure.

The disorderly competition in the domestic market and the slow upgrading of the industry products, the long period of technology upgrading is the key to restricting the development of mining machinery industry, how to make this industry rapidly improve product value and improve the technology content in order to drive the development of the whole industry to deal with the competitive pressure of foreign manufacturers. Is the primary problem that the mining machinery industry in China faces.