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Notice For Changing Air Filter
- Aug 09, 2018 -

    Air filter is used to filter the impurities and particels, for keep the excavators working normally. Here is some notices for changing and cleaning air filters.

    Before changing and cleaning the air filters, please turn off the engine, and make sure that the security control level is locking, if the filters are changed and cleaned when the engine is wooking, that will make the dust go into the engine.

    Notices for cleaning air filters:

    1. Please don't tear down the housing and outer filter by screw driver and other tools when cleaning the air filters.

    2. please don't tear down the inner filter, or the dust will go into the engine.

    3.  please don't knock and pat the filters, don't keep the air filters opening

    4. please check the service condition of medium of filters, gasket and rubber seal, can't use the broken ones.

    Notices for changing air filters:

    1. The inner fillter need to be changed also when changing the outer filters.

    2. Don't use broken gasket, medium and rubber seals.

    3. Don't use fake filters, they seal badly.

    4. When the filters core is inserted, if the rubber at the end expands, or the external filter core is not pushed forward, and is forced to cover the clasp, there is a risk of damage to the cover or filter housing.

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