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Introduction To Mechanical Parts
- Feb 06, 2018 -

A mechanical foundation discipline research and design of various equipment, parts and components of the general term is.


As the specific content of a subject, mechanical parts include the connection of 1, zero (part) parts. Such as thread connection, wedge connection, pin connection, key connection, spline connection, interference fit connection, elastic ring connection, riveting, welding and glue connection, etc.

2, transfer transmission and energy belt drive, friction wheel drive, key drive, harmonic drive, gear drive, rope drive and screw drive and other mechanical transmission, as well as the transmission shaft, coupling, clutch and brake and other shafting parts.

3, the supporting function of the zero (part) parts, such as bearings, box and seat, and so on.

4. Lubrication system and seal, etc.

5, spring and other zero (part) parts. As a subject, the mechanical parts from the overall mechanical design of the integrated use of the relevant research results, research principle, basic parts of the structure, characteristics, application, failure mode, bearing capacity and design process; design based on the theory, methods and standards, and establish a practical theory this discipline system, has become an important basis for the research and design of machinery.