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How To Solve Excavator Engine Have Black Smoke?
- Apr 04, 2018 -

General situation: when the excavator is in operation, if there is a black smoke phenomenon, it indicates that the excavator is very likely to be burning oil.

Analysis on the cause of black smoke failure of excavator:

1. The air filter is blocked, the intake is too low, and the combustion is incomplete;

2. The oil supply time is not correct;

3. The clearance of inlet valve is too small, which can lead to black smoke failure of excavator.

4 diesel worry is too dirty;

5. Hydraulic holding vehicle;

6. The diesel oil pump is too large and the oil mouth is not good.

7. The diesel quality used is too poor;

8. The cylinder pressure of the excavator is insufficient and the combustion is insufficient, leading to the black smoke of the excavator.

Engine black smoke failure maintenance:

First, check the diesel oil used by the excavator after the failure;

Secondly, check the oil supply of excavator diesel pump;

After 3, check the air filter of excavator;

4 timely adjust the excavator injector, replace the spray nozzle with bad atomization, the school diesel pump;

If the above mentioned points can not be ruled out, the machine can not be ruled out, so check the hydraulic system of the excavator.


Excavator at the time of operation, if the accelerator pedal, excavator smoke also happens. At this point, may be due to the bad cylinder sealing excavator, or excavator cylinder piston and cylinder liner wear, selected parts is also very critical.

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