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How To Maintain The Excavator In Rainy Season?
- Jun 09, 2018 -

1 Timely cleaning

In the event of heavy rain, timely cleaning should be performed.

2 Paint finish

The acidity of the rainwater has a strong corrosive effect on the excavator's paint finish, which can cause damage to the excavator's paint over time. Therefore, in the rainy season, it is better to give the excavator a paint finish. The simplest is waxing, and longer and more effective is the sealing capacity. Whatever the method, wear an invisible protection coat on the excavator to prevent the paint from aging.

3 Chassis Care

The chassis is the closest part to the ground and is particularly affected by the road conditions. Generally, this part is the most likely to be rusted and stained, and the wheel shell may even be loosely perforated. Therefore, we must pay attention to the chassis of the excavator clean rust treatment, do a chassis rust treatment.

4 ignition start

In rainy days, if you encounter problems with the engine's inability to start, sometimes even if you start it barely, it is weak. The greatest possible cause of this problem is the leakage due to moisture from the ignition system, and the normal ignition function is lost.

Once it is discovered that the ignition system is poor due to the wetness of the ignition system and engine performance is degraded, it is best to dry the inside and outside of the distribution board and the wires with a dry paper towel or dry cloth, and then spray the desiccant with a special desiccant spray can. At the distributor cover, battery connector, line connector, high voltage line, etc., the engine can be started after a while.