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Environmental Trends Of Mining Machinery
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Nowadays, mining machinery and equipment enterprises pay more and more attention to the development and production of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection equipment. For example, mining machinery uses long life, low energy consumption and weight reduction design principles. Use of low ambient load materials in actual production, as far as possible without the use of freon, chlorine-containing rubber, resin and asbestos and other harmful materials. To minimize the pollution of waste parts and to optimize the overall cost, mining machinery products in the initial stage of design must consider scrap parts simple treatment, low cost and less pollution, parts to disassembly convenient, easy to break, can be incinerated or can be used as fuel recovery problems. The use of renewable materials and resources, such as the promotion of fuel cell mining machinery and Geothermal resources mining technology and equipment. The country has also intensified its efforts to overhaul the mining market while encouraging mine-seeking. With a large number of small metallurgical, small coal, small cement enterprises are closed, the new large concentrator, large coal preparation plant and large-scale cement plant construction, which put forward a higher demand for mining equipment, urgent need to deal with the capacity of large, high efficiency, reliable operation of energy-saving environmental protection equipment. Mine environmental protection equipment automation, large-scale and efficient energy-saving has become the focus of future research of mining machinery and equipment manufacturers.

In addition, the cost of new environmental protection and energy-saving equipment is rapidly decreasing with the industry scale and technological progress. Cost reduction, mining investors are more willing to buy affordable, quality and reliable environmentally-friendly energy-saving equipment as the preferred equipment for production. Based on this, environmental protection and energy-saving equipment is increasingly showing cost advantages.