• Mine Scraper Winch

    Mine Scraper Winch

    This series electric scraper winch are mainly used for mine shaft and inclined shaft to life coal, ore, waste rock as well as lifting personal, materials, tools and equipment. The principle axis unit used split or integral type flexible struction drum and the drum suffers...Read More
  • Mine Hauling Winch

    Mine Hauling Winch

    JD series sinking winches are used in coal mine, metal mine, non-metallic mine for lifting water pump, air compressor, swaying tray, grouting tube, wind-cone and other excavation facilities, also can use for hanging heavy loads on surface and underground.Read More
  • Mine Lifting Winch

    Mine Lifting Winch

    JK type high speed electric wire rope winch mainly used for materials lifting and traction the weight drops during construction. It also used for crane as main hoist; it is the special winch of derrick and gantry frame and lifting trolley. It is suitable for construction and...Read More
  • Mining Multipurpose Winches

    Mining Multipurpose Winches

    JSDB two-speed with fast and slow and two multi-purpose winch, mainly for underground coal mining face, mechanized mining equipment and various types of mechanical and electrical equipment relocation and other auxiliary transport work, as well as underground mining face,...Read More
  • Mining Air Winch

    Mining Air Winch

    JQHS air winch is a kind of manual operated single drum type air winch. It adopts compressed air as its power to drive air motor, driving drum via two grade gears(to reduce transmitting speed and enlarge torque) so as to lift and drag heavy cargo. Considering security, this...Read More
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