Mining Equipment

  • Mine Diesel Locomotive

    Mine Diesel Locomotive

    Mine explosion proof diesel locomotive is a kind of driven, the vehicle with proof performance for containing flammable gas and coal dust and other dangerous places, traction, transport of mining locomotives, traction battery and then following the hydraulic transmission of a...Read More
  • Air Rock Drill

    Air Rock Drill

    Hand Rock Tools Drilling Equipment Pneumatic Rotary Rock Drill is a rock drilling equipment with high efficiency. It is widely used in rock drilling. It's very important to coal mine, tunnel, railway traffic, water conservancy and so on. YT27 hand-held rock drill is...Read More
  • Diesel Hand Held Rock Drill

    Diesel Hand Held Rock Drill

    YN27 manual rock drill is a small type of rock drill composed the power machine, working machine and air compress in one. It is powered by the small gasoline engine and used for drilling on the hard rock or rock with medium hardness, the hardness of rock is f8 to f18. Because...Read More
  • Supplied Air Respirator

    Supplied Air Respirator

    It combines the pointer pressure gauge with the electronic sound and light alarm, and when the pressure in the cylinder is reduced to 0.5 MPa, the alarm will emit continuous buzzer and red and white light flashing signals. Compared with traditional pneumatic dispatch alarm...Read More
  • Underground Self Rescuer

    Underground Self Rescuer

    The ZYX Isolated Compressed Oxygen Self-rescuer(short for self-rescuer) adopts medical compressed oxygen as its air source. It is an isolated completed circuit personal breath protection system which has the characters of small respiratory resistance, low aspiration...Read More
  • GB Steel Rail

    GB Steel Rail

    We can supply many kinds of steel rails, also produce steel rails according your order, usually the quantity of one kinds should be upto 50 tons, if we have not the mould, we can make the mould by your design drawing, the quantity should upto 500 ton. Heavy Rail Size:...Read More
  • Railway Fish Plate

    Railway Fish Plate

    Fish plates (track splint) commonly known as plywood, in the track joints from the role of connection. Divided into light rail, heavy rail and overweight rail. The fish plate is a fastener for connecting rails and rails, saving time and effort compared to rail welding....Read More
  • Mining Ore Car

    Mining Ore Car

    Fixed Mine WagonRead More
  • Mining Hopper Wagon

    Mining Hopper Wagon

    Bucket tipping wagon Parameter: Drop Side Mine Wagon Bottom Dumping Mine WagonRead More
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