Mining Ventilation Fan

  • Tunnel Axial Fans

    Tunnel Axial Fans

    FBD series explosion-proof axial flow local fans are mainly used under mine shafts and the places containing gas, coal dust or inflammable gas of other industrial departments, and can be used for mine tunneling, shaft building and tunnel long-distance ventilation of coal...Read More
  • Industrial Centrifugal Fans

    Industrial Centrifugal Fans

    Our company produces various types of centrifugal fan, axial fan, roof fan, oblique flow fan, exhaust fan, tunnel fan, ball-type hood, wind chassis, and other products. Feature: high efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption, durable anti-corrosion and easy maintenance....Read More
  • Tunnel Jet Fan

    Tunnel Jet Fan

    SDS jet flow fans is specially used for the tunnel lengthways ventilation system, the fans is installed hanging on the top roof of tunnel or both sides, which do not effect the traffic, no need to build exhaust way. Low cost building , is very ideal ventilation fans.Read More
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