Mining Equipment

  • Dry-mix Gunite Machine

    Dry-mix Gunite Machine

    Air Motor Driven Dry-mix Shotcrete pump Gunite Machine Advantage: 1. Mixing uniformity 2. Water and cement ratio could be accuracy control 3. good for water and cement hydration Common use: 1. Gunite Swimming Pool Construction. 2. Soil Retention and Tetaining Walls. 3....Read More
  • Mine Scraper Winch

    Mine Scraper Winch

    This series electric scraper winch are mainly used for mine shaft and inclined shaft to life coal, ore, waste rock as well as lifting personal, materials, tools and equipment. The principle axis unit used split or integral type flexible struction drum and the drum suffers...Read More
  • Mine Hauling Winch

    Mine Hauling Winch

    JD series sinking winches are used in coal mine, metal mine, non-metallic mine for lifting water pump, air compressor, swaying tray, grouting tube, wind-cone and other excavation facilities, also can use for hanging heavy loads on surface and underground.Read More
  • Mine Lifting Winch

    Mine Lifting Winch

    JK type high speed electric wire rope winch mainly used for materials lifting and traction the weight drops during construction. It also used for crane as main hoist; it is the special winch of derrick and gantry frame and lifting trolley. It is suitable for construction and...Read More
  • Mining Multipurpose Winches

    Mining Multipurpose Winches

    JSDB two-speed with fast and slow and two multi-purpose winch, mainly for underground coal mining face, mechanized mining equipment and various types of mechanical and electrical equipment relocation and other auxiliary transport work, as well as underground mining face,...Read More
  • Mining Air Winch

    Mining Air Winch

    JQHS air winch is a kind of manual operated single drum type air winch. It adopts compressed air as its power to drive air motor, driving drum via two grade gears(to reduce transmitting speed and enlarge torque) so as to lift and drag heavy cargo. Considering security, this...Read More
  • Tunnel Axial Fans

    Tunnel Axial Fans

    FBD series explosion-proof axial flow local fans are mainly used under mine shafts and the places containing gas, coal dust or inflammable gas of other industrial departments, and can be used for mine tunneling, shaft building and tunnel long-distance ventilation of coal...Read More
  • Industrial Centrifugal Fans

    Industrial Centrifugal Fans

    Our company produces various types of centrifugal fan, axial fan, roof fan, oblique flow fan, exhaust fan, tunnel fan, ball-type hood, wind chassis, and other products. Feature: high efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption, durable anti-corrosion and easy maintenance....Read More
  • Tunnel Jet Fan

    Tunnel Jet Fan

    SDS jet flow fans is specially used for the tunnel lengthways ventilation system, the fans is installed hanging on the top roof of tunnel or both sides, which do not effect the traffic, no need to build exhaust way. Low cost building , is very ideal ventilation fans.Read More
  • Wet-mix Gunite Machine

    Wet-mix Gunite Machine

    HSP wet spraying machine jet velocity is low, and because water-cement ratio increases, the early strength of concrete is relatively low, but the resilience has improved , and materials is easy to control, the working efficiency is high compared to the dry mix method.Read More
  • Battery Mine Locomotive

    Battery Mine Locomotive

    The feature is traction invert control the starting, speed, direction change and braking, which decreased energy consumption, have good electric-saving effect. Invert have shake-proof, damp-proof and dust-proof function, the control loop controlled by 24V, 0.5A light current,...Read More
  • Mine Trolley Locomotives

    Mine Trolley Locomotives

    The feature is traction invert control the starting, speed, direction change and braking, which decreased energy consumption, having good electric-saving effect. Invert having shake-proof, damp-proof and dust-proof function, the control loop is controlled by 24V, 0.5A light...Read More
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