WA380-3 Alternator 6742-01-5170

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Product Details

Equipment group: Construction equipment

Place of Origin: China

Payment Term: T/T, Western Union

Delivery Term: Container shipment, air freight, express

Packing: Wooden case

Delivery Time: ASAP (Based on order Q'ty


Excavator,Loader,Bulldozer spare parts

OEM NO.VoltageAmp
600-821-7230   PC200-1 6D105/PC200-1 S4D10524V40A
600-821-7620/7580   PC200-5 S6D9524V40A
600-821-7790   PC200-6 S6D95L24V40A
600-821-9680   PC400-5 S6D12524V40A
600-821-9810   PC300-6 S6D10824V40A
1-81200-382-0  EX200-2 6BD1T24V40A
37300-83000/ME067522   200-524V50A
37300-93000    210-524V50A
21E6-40030     220-524V60A
119626-77210   60-724V60A
119836-77210   60-524V40A
LR150-715      DH5512V50A
2502-6011      220-3 DB58TI24V60A
MEO87508       220-5 DB58TI24V60A
21EA-00040     EX120 4BG1 4BD124V60A
ME-9406        3306 E330B24V60A
181200-4845    EX200-5 6BG1T24V50A
ME34368-02300  3006 E320B E320C24V50A
600-861-6410   PC200-6 S6D102E-1C24V40A
MEO8887        SK200-6 6D34T24V40A
600-821-6120   PC60-6  4D9524V30A
ME070120       E200B S6KT 6D14 6D15 6D31    24V40A
600-821-3850   PC60/4D95 0-33000-551024V20A
600-821-3860   SK120-SK60 0-33000-570024V20A
600-821-3350   S4D120  0-33000-228012V25A
2502-6006C     DRK39005024V60A
600-825-3160   PC300-6/6D108 0-35000-040224V40A
0-35000-4190   DH220-524V50A
AC270542       R210-5  37300-9300024V70A

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