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Mineral processing equipment
- Feb 07, 2018 -

According to the mineral processing process can be divided into crushing machinery (cone crusher, jaw crusher, Box crusher, counterattack crusher, etc.), grinding machinery, screening machinery, sorting machinery and dewatering machinery, as well as a variety of production lines. The separation machinery according to the principle of action is divided into gravity mineral processing machinery, magnetic separator, flotation machine and special mineral processing machinery. Mineral processing machinery is also used in building materials, chemicals, glass, ceramics and other industrial sectors. Mineral processing is the process of selecting useful minerals in the mineral materials collected according to the differences of physical properties, physicochemical properties and chemical properties of minerals. The machinery for implementing this process is called mineral processing machinery, and the mineral processing machinery is divided into crushing, grinding, sieving, sorting and dewatering machinery according to the beneficiation process.

Crushing machine commonly used jaw crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher and impact crusher, etc. the most widely used in grinding machine is barrel mill, including Rod Mill, Ball mill, gravel mill and self grinder, etc. commonly used in sieving machinery are inertial vibrating screen and resonance sieve Hydraulic classifier and mechanical classifier are widely used in the wet grading machine.