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Maintenance skills of mining machinery and equipment
- Feb 07, 2018 -

First, the machine to avoid collisions to ensure that the machine is clean and not corrosive to the chemical of the partner object.

Second, the mining machinery bearing shoulders the entire load of the machine, so in a very large relationship good lubrication bearing life, it directly affects the machine's operating rate and life needs, so the lubricating oil injected clean, so the required injection of lubricating oil must be clean, sealing must be good.

Finally, the equipment routine inspection reinforcement, the inspection result should record, not only includes the past record, the maintenance, changes the piece record, but also includes the use and the workload Daily Record, in order to analyze, judge the mechanical breakdown, promptly and accurately eliminates the breakdown hidden trouble. Advantages and disadvantages to the use of machines and equipment, to a large extent, limit the project progress and cost of quality. In the use of mechanical equipment, mechanical and environmental factors directly affect the use of two major mechanical equipment in the process of good or bad performance. Machinery and equipment for improving performance, the mechanical and environmental management of two major factors must be strengthened.