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Excavator Parts Description and classification
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Excavator parts generally refer to components that can form a complete excavator, which is often used in industry as a removable part or in accordance with construction requirements.

Excavator parts are mainly composed of two parts: mechanical parts and electronic accessories.

1, mechanical parts are pure machinery, to provide power support, mainly hydraulic pumps, grab, big arms, crawler, engine and so on.

2, electronic accessories is the driving control of excavators, used to drive mechanical components for reasonable work, the main computer version, hydraulic flow controller, angle sensor, diesel meter, fuse, ignition switch, oil pump and so on.

The mechanical parts and the drive control part are complementary, use the electric control part to drive and coordinate each mechanical part effective does not ask the work, the mechanical part's situation through the electronic component feedback to the electric control component, then more effective coordination excavator's work, achieves its highest efficiency.

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