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Equipment Spare Parts
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Spare parts and spares are important material conditions for equipment maintenance work. Parts and spare parts supply timely, not only can improve the enterprise's equipment intact rate, but also can shorten the equipment repair downtime. So each enterprise must do the spare parts, spare parts supply work, in addition to cooperate with the equipment warranty plan planned to the production of spare parts on schedule, must also produce and reserve a certain variety and quantity of spare parts.


By part category

Mechanical parts: Refers to the construction of a certain type of equipment, the special mechanical components, generally by the enterprise to create their own supporting parts: refers to the standardized, universal in a variety of equipment by professional manufacturers of parts produced.

By Part source

Self-made spare parts: refers to the enterprise's own design, mapping, manufacturing parts, belong to the category of mechanical parts.

Purchased spare parts: refers to the enterprise external order procurement of spare parts, general supporting parts are purchased spare parts.

By Part characteristics

Standing parts: Refers to frequently used, equipment downtime loss large and low unit price, need to keep a certain amount of spare parts.

Spare parts: Refers to the use of low frequency, downtime loss of small and expensive parts, according to its preparatory method can be divided into plans to buy parts and buy at any time two kinds.

According to the precision of spare parts

Key parts: Refers to the high precision, manufacturing difficult, in the equipment plays a key role in the parts.

General: Refers to other mechanical spare parts except the key parts.