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Bulldozer classification
- Feb 06, 2018 -

According to the way of walking

Bulldozers can be divided into tracked and tire-type two kinds. Crawler bulldozers attach great traction force, grounding ratio of small pressure (0.04 0.13MPa), climbing ability, but low speed. The tyre-type bulldozer has high speed, flexibility, short operation cycle time and convenient transport transfer, but the traction is small, which is suitable for changing the site and field work frequently.

by purpose

It can be divided into two types: general type and special type. The universal type is a standard production model, widely used in earthwork. The special type is used in certain working conditions, there are wetland bulldozers and swamp bulldozers, amphibious bulldozers, underwater bulldozers, cabin bulldozers, unmanned bulldozers, high altitude and highly wet working conditions with triangular wide crawler plates to reduce grounding pressure.