Japan Komatsu Brand Excavator YM729642-51330 PC40MR-2 Fuel Injection Pump

Japan Komatsu Brand Excavator YM729642-51330 PC40MR-2 Fuel Injection Pump

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Product Details

Japan komatsu brand Excavator  YM729642-51330 PC40MR-2 fuel injection pump


Original of place:made in Japan

Part name: YM729642-51330

Application:PC40MR-2 PC50MR-2

Condition:Genuine new

The function of the oil pump is to guarantee the circulation of diesel oil in the low pressure oil road, and supply sufficient quantity and pressure of fuel to the fuel injection pump, which should be 3-4 times the maximum amount of the full load of the full load. The oil pump is divided into gear type oil delivery pump, diaphragm type oil delivery pump, plunger type oil delivery pump, pipeline type oil delivery pump and so on.

Oil pump maintenance:

1, first check whether the push rod driving diaphragm working in the pump mechanism is damaged by the finger gently blocking the oil pump inlet, try to start the engine, if the feeling has suction at this time, it can prove that the push rod is intact.

2, the fingertip is not sucked, indicating that the putter has been damaged, and the fuel injection pump should be replaced as a whole.

When the electric fuel injection pump works, if it sends out a strong pump sound, it will indicate that the pump is in good condition. If there is no sound of the pump, it will indicate that the fuel pump is out of order.

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