6754-71-1012 PC200-8 Diesel Injection Pump

6754-71-1012 PC200-8 Diesel Injection Pump

Excavator spare parts SAA6D107E deisel injection pump 6754-71-1012 PC200-8 diesel pump With genuine package Contact: Jenny Fang +8618353746402 skype:komatsu01parts@gmail.com

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Excavator spare parts SAA6D107E diesel injection pump 6754-71-1012 PC200-8 diesel pump

Product name:Excavator PC200-8 Diesel pump

Part number: 6754-71-1012

Engine model:SAA6D107E

Komatsu fuel injection pump

bosch diesel injection pump parts

apply to: PC200-8 PC200LC-8

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Oil temperature high to see if your filter is blocked, or the oil viscosity is too high, too poor fluidity, not cooling all parts, oil leakage, and water tank cooling.

Hydraulic oil quality requirements: the hydraulic system, such as automobile and engineering machinery, used hydraulic oil as the working medium, the fluid flow velocity is not very high and the pressure is high in this kind of hydraulic system, so it is called static pressure transmission. The quality of hydraulic oil will affect the reliability and service life of hydraulic system to a large extent. The quality requirements of hydraulic oil are usually as follows:

L. suitable viscosity and good viscosity temperature performance, in order to ensure that the working temperature change conditions can accurately and sensitively transfer power, and can ensure the normal lubrication of hydraulic components.

2., it has good rust resistance and antioxidant stability. It is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate under high temperature and high pressure condition, and has long service life.

3. has good foam resistance, so that the oil in the working conditions of continuous mechanical agitation, the foam will easily disappear eight in order to make the power transfer stable, to avoid the accelerated oxidation of hydraulic oil.

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