Engine SAA6D107 Cylinder Block Assembly 6754-21-1310

Engine SAA6D107 Cylinder Block Assembly 6754-21-1310

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Engine SAA6D107 cylinder block assembly 6754-21-1310

JAPAN excavator  1)      Undercarriage spare parts: Track shoe, Track Link, Bolt, Track roller, Carrier Roller, Sprocket, Front Idler, Idler Cushion


2)      Engine spare parts: Cylinder Head, Cylinder Block, Turbocharger, Piston, Piston Ring, Metal, Crankshaft, Oil Pump, Fuel injection Pump, Water Pump, Alternator, Starting Motor


3)      Hydraulic spare parts: Main Valve, Main Pump, Solenoid Valve, Boom/Arm/Bucket Cylinder, Final Drive, Travel Motor, Swing Machinery, Swing Motor


4)      Operator’s Cab spare parts: Cab Ass’y, Monitor, Engine Controller, Wiring Harness, Seat, Air Conditioner,

  Very pleased to receive your enquiries, please inform us of your machine type and part number, in order to facilitate accurate quotation for you    

What's the matter with the cylinder of the excavator engine?

Engine cylinder refers to the obvious longitudinal mechanical scratch and scratch in the inner wall of the cylinder in the motion range of the piston ring. The cylinder is a major accident of the engine.

The basic reason for cylinder drawing is that oil film is difficult to form between the inner wall of cylinder and piston ring and piston, resulting in poor lubrication and even dry friction. There are many specific reasons for this situation, which can be summed up in three aspects.

The cause of the piston group

The gap between the 1. piston rings is too small. If the opening gap, edge clearance, or backlash of the piston ring is too small, the piston ring is killed by the heat expansion card when the engine works, and the cylinder wall is pressed tightly, or the piston ring is broken. It is easy to pull the groove on the cylinder wall.

2. piston pins move out. Because the piston pin spring is not installed or fallen off and broken, the piston pin runs out in the movement, it is easy to pull the inner wall of the cylinder, causing the cylinder to blow to the crankcase.

The cylinder clearance of the 3. piston is too small or too large. If the material of the piston is bad, the error of the manufacturing size is too large, or the piston pin is assembled after the piston pin, the piston and the cylinder can be deformed. The piston and the cylinder are too small, and the piston is stuck after the heat expansion and then pulling the cylinder wall.

4. piston ring is serious. Excessive carbon deposition causes the piston ring to bond or kill in the ring groove. At the same time, carbon deposition is a hard abrasive which will be worn on the cylinder wall to form longitudinal grooves.

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