723-46-23103 PC240-8 Control Valve

723-46-23103 PC240-8 Control Valve

PC200-8 Excavator control valve The valve has the following functions: (1) When the boom is lifted alone, the dual pump is combined to supply oil, and the boom lifting speed is increased. (only when the arm is promoted) (2) when the bucket rod moves separately, the two pumps supply oil to the...

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723-46-23103 PC240-8 control valve PC240-6 PC240-7 PC240-8

We are Jining Huida Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.Our company specializes in the pure accessories of Komatsu 3T-45T excavator. Since the establishment of the company in 2000, we have been working closely with Komatsu and OEM factories to develop and sell Komatsu excavator parts, especially in old parts and disassembled parts. In terms of cooperation with Japanese merchants, the market has been quickly occupied by its large inventory, sufficient supply, reliable quality and absolute price. Especially in the past two years, the business has expanded to the operation and sales of engineering machinery parts such as Shantui. Komatsu excavator parts main products: hydraulic pump, distribution valve, reducer, motor, final drive assembly, slewing mechanism assembly, engine assembly, engine four, starter, generator, supercharger, EFI Oil, diesel pump, computer board, display, cab assembly, cab trim, accessories, full car glass, bucket, standard arm, extension arm, cylinder, piston rod, bucket connecting rod, rocker, Pins, bushings, tensioning devices, roller, chain rails and other pure accessories O-rings

fasten the screw nut,axis

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 1 Hydraulic Parts: hydraulic pump, main valve, hydraulic cylinder, final drive, travel motor, swing machinery, swing motor etc.

2 Engine parts: engine assembly, piston, piston ring, cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, turbocharger, fuel injection pump, starting motor and alternator etc.

3 Undercarriage part: Track roller, Carrier roller, Track Link, Track shoe, Sprocket, Idler and Idler cushion etc.

4 Cab parts: operator’s cab, wiring harness, monitor, controller, seat, door etc.

5 Cooling parts: Radiator, air conditioner, compressor, after cooler etc.

6 Other parts: Service kit, swing circle, engine hood, swivel joint, fuel tank, filter, boom, arm, bucket etc.

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