6754-71-1110 6D107 Fuel Injection Pump

6754-71-1110 6D107 Fuel Injection Pump

PC200-7 fuel injection pump 6738-71-1110 excavator diesel pump ,at stock Package: wooden case,Komatsu package Contact: Jenny Fang +8618353746402

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Product Details

6754-71-1110 PC200-8 fuel injection pump  6D107E FUEL INJECTION PUMP PC220-8 FUEL INJECTION PUMP

Part number: 6754-71-1110

Excavator model: PC200-8 PC270-8 PC160-7 PC210-8 

Warranty time: 6months

Delivery time: 1-3days

Made in Japan,genuine new quality

Product parameter:

1.Komatsu excavator parts: PC50/PC55MR-2,pc56-7,PC60/PC70/PC120/PC130/PC200/PC210/PC220/PC240/PC270/PC300/PC360/PC400/PC450/PC750/PC1250 

2.Komatsu loader parts: WA320/WA380/WA420/WA470/WA500/WA600

3.Komatsu dozer parts:D65/D85/D155 

4. Shantui dozer parts:SD08/SD11/SD13/SD16/SD22/SD23/SD32

We supply following products:

1)  engine parts: cylinder block ass'y, crankshaft, camshaft, main metal ass'y, thrust metal ass'y, piston, piston ring, connecting rod, intake valve ass'y, exhaust valve ass'y, service kit, cylinder head, turbocharger, water pump, oil pump, alternator, starting motor, oil pan, diesel pump and so on.

2)  hydraulic parts: hydraulic pump ass'y, hydraulic pump parts(block ass'y, plate valve, guide retainer, retainer shoe, piston sub ass'y, cradle ass'y--cradle, cam rocker), swing motor, swing machinery, swing circle, main control valve, travel motor, boom cylinder, arm cylinder, bucket cylinder and so on.

3) undercarriage parts: Chassis parts, track link ass'y, track shoe, sprocket, track roller, carrier roller, front idler, idler cushion cylinder, bucket ass'y, pin, bushing, bolt, nut and so on.

4) cabin parts: operator's seat ass'y, lap seat belt, cab ass'y, glass, monitor, controller pump, wiring harness, air conditioner control panel, floor frame, travel PPC valve, service valve, wiper motor ass'y, knob ass'y, pilot valve, FM radio and so on.

5) cooling system: radiator ass'y, oil cooler ass'y, shroud, after cooler ass'y, condenser ass'y, water tank ass'y, air conditioner, air compressor ass'y and so on.



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